I could write ten pages about this project and the experience that I had as a filmmaker but I’d rather not. In November 2018, when Red Bull proposed me to make a full movie for the new album of a Greek artist Taf Lathos (Panagiotis Kyriakou); ten songs, ten video clips, ten small stories that make the puzzle of a 42-minute film. When I read the script I was terrified and really sceptical of how I was going to pull this off. Crazy ideas that only a restless mind like Panagiotis’ would think. Like a huge artist once said, ” If you feel safe in the area that you are working, you’re not working in the right area, always go little further and a little bit out of your depth”. With these words in mind, I started the process of making it happen. I spent two weeks scouting out the locations that would represent the feeling of the script. It was a one-month shooting, for at least 16 hours per day and a 5-week editing. Finally, we pulled this off and we are very proud of it.

Director: Kostas Mandilas

Camera: Chris Tsounis, Kostas Mandilas

1st AC: Stefanos Kekis

Gaffer: Stefanos Kekis

DOP: Chris Tsounis 

Editor: Kostas Mandilas

Location Manager: Kostas Mandilas

Photos: Alex Grymanis, Chris Tsounis

Executive Producers: George Spiliopoulos, Panagiotis Kyriakou, Kostas Mandilas

You can see the full movie in the link below.


Three Flavors “The Revival” Segment

After a long pause from filming the
side stories of “Three Flavors”, we searched for our next destination for
filming for “The revival” segment. This time of the year, in Northern
Greece there is very old tradition of worshiping the fire all over the cities. In
the city of Kastoria the scenery fitted perfectly to the intro of the film’s
last part.

Shooting From The Car Is Theo’s Favorite Thing

Landscape Poetry No 2

Talking About Framing With My Good Friend Chris Tsounis

Landscape Poetry From Thodoris Vranas

Wild Fires In The City Of Kastoria

Wild Fires In The City Of Kastoria

Wild Fires In The City Of Kastoria

Getting Foolish

Google Map Is Our Best Friend

Spending Too Many Hours On Driving

Quick Stop For Shooting Photos

The Long Way Home

Photos By Theo Vranas

Three Flavors Original Soundtrack by Nefeli Liouta

I’m honored to present my new collaboration with Nefeli Liouta for the OST of Three Flavors.

Nefeli is one of the most talented musician I’ve ever heard. Her love, imagination and dedication to music is something that you can’t find easily. After seeing her at her last concert in Megaron Concert Hall I was determined that she has to write the soundtrack of the “Three Flavors” Visual Story. For both of us, this is a big challenge to combine Orchestral music to a experimental skate film.  

You can listen some of her music here.

Photos by : Theo Vranas

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