I could write ten pages about this project and the experience that I had as a filmmaker but I’d rather not. In November 2018, when Red Bull proposed me to make a full movie for the new album of a Greek artist Taf Lathos (Panagiotis Kyriakou); ten songs, ten video clips, ten small stories that make the puzzle of a 42-minute film. When I read the script I was terrified and really sceptical of how I was going to pull this off. Crazy ideas that only a restless mind like Panagiotis’ would think. Like a huge artist once said, ” If you feel safe in the area that you are working, you’re not working in the right area, always go little further and a little bit out of your depth”. With these words in mind, I started the process of making it happen. I spent two weeks scouting out the locations that would represent the feeling of the script. It was a one-month shooting, for at least 16 hours per day and a 5-week editing. Finally, we pulled this off and we are very proud of it.

Director: Kostas Mandilas

Camera: Chris Tsounis, Kostas Mandilas

1st AC: Stefanos Kekis

Gaffer: Stefanos Kekis

DOP: Chris Tsounis 

Editor: Kostas Mandilas

Location Manager: Kostas Mandilas

Photos: Alex Grymanis, Chris Tsounis

Executive Producers: George Spiliopoulos, Panagiotis Kyriakou, Kostas Mandilas

You can see the full movie in the link below.


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