Three Flavors “Τhe Αwakening/Revival” Segment

For quite some time now i was searching for Three Flavor’s intro and revival segment, a place that will represent the fall and rise inside a skateboarder’s mind. Recently my fellow and partner for this project Alex Grymanis told me about this huge cave that lies under mount Parnassos. All we had to do is just go there and film. The results were beyond my expectations.

Huge thanks to Alex and Petros for their contribution to this film.

Photos Alex Grymanis

Three Flavors Leaks

Three Flavors Leaks is a small series of clips for the upcoming film “Three Flavors” just before the official Teaser coming up soon.

This clip is one of the experimental lens shootings that i will use on this film.

No post production were used for this.

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